About LBGC

For more than 70 years, Lansdowne Boys & Girls Club (LBGC) has been serving children and youth in Lansdowne and surrounding communities through athletic programs and other recreational activities. As an all-volunteer nonprofit organization, LBGC currently offers several sports options – and more programs may be added as LBGC continues to grow with the support of new members and volunteers.

Lansdowne Boys & Girls Club

Board of Directors

The LBGC Board of Directors meets regularly throughout the year to manage administration of the club. Officers (listed below) are elected by general membership on an annual basis.

LBGC basketballInterim President (baseball): Tim Emmett-Rardin
Vice-President (soccer): Peter Hall
Vice-President (basketball): Earle Greer
Treasurer: Peter Hall
Secretary: Desiree Kabore
Assistant Treasurer: Yves Kabore
Procurement Director: Omar Espinal