S.T.E.A.M. Robotics

STEAM – Science Technology Engineering Arts & Math


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Astronaut_lionWelcome to the Robotics & Drone Programming!!!

The LBGC will host a Science Technology Engineering Arts & Math group or S.T.E.A.M. group (Powered by Digital Divide).

This group will meet once a week for Graphical or Python Programming with our Code Drones and for FAA Drone Small UAV Racing.

Simple Machine Learning w our Lego Robot is provided for the Lego team. We will practice skill building using the CORE VALUES First Lego League Philosophy. 

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 (Click here for details)

You will be provided with:

Touchscreen computer or tablet,

A First Lego League regulation table & EV3 Robot

Battle & Code Drones

Drone Race Course (Indoor /Outdoor)

 1 session dedicated to the Arts:

Artist Rashad Malik Davis Author of “Carefree Like Me”will hold a “How to draw your own Superhero” class




Weekly Drone instruction & Play with Air Battle Drones