Fall 2020 Virtual Soccer Clinic Survey

Lansdowne Boys and Girls Club plans to offer an 8-week virtual Zoom soccer clinic with Challenger Sports, who have provided our spring and pre-season clinics for the last two years. The programs will be open to kids ages 6 to 18 and will be organized into appropriate age brackets.

This survey is to gather information from those interested and will serve as a preliminary sign up. If you have more than one child interested in soccer, please submit a response for each.

There are several reasons related to the COVID-19 pandemic that we cannot hold an in-person competitive soccer season. First, the state has recommended that youth sports be postponed until January. Second, the borough of Lansdowne and William Penn School District are not presently issuing permits for groups to use their facilities. Third, some of the organizations we compete with have also decided they will not compete this fall.

We hope that we can get back to meeting in person as soon as possible. Thank you for your understanding.

– Coach Pete


About Our Fall Soccer League

LBGC soccer teams provide an introduction to the world’s most popular sport. Our coaches work to recognize talent and develop skills to allow players to compete at higher levels in the future. LBGC has soccer teams for kids ages 4 to 12 in four divisions.

  • The Under 6 (ages 4-5) and the Under 9 (ages 6-8) divisions practice once a week and have matches on Saturdays mornings from September to mid November. The registration fee is $70.
  • The Under 11 (ages 9-10) and Under 13 (ages 11-12) divisions practice once or twice a week, depending on schedule, and have matches on weekday evenings or Saturdays from September to mid November. The registration fee is $90.

The division that a player competes in is determined by the child’s age on Dec. 31. A child who turns 9 on Dec. 31 or before would play in the Under 11 division, for example. Children who are still 3 when the season begins but will turn 4 by Dec. 31 may play in the Under 6 division, but parents should consider their child’s physical size and ability to follow instructions.

Volunteer Opportunities:

Lansdowne Boys and Girls Club needs volunteers and has places for coaches, assistant coaches, referees team parents and snack bar parents. Your involvement and presence at practices and games will enhance your child’s experience playing soccer and contribute to the strength of our community. While knowledge of the game and coaching experience is valued, it’s not necessary to make an important contribution to your child’s team. We also have experienced coaches to instruct volunteers on coaching and practice techniques. Those who volunteer as a coach or assistant coach must successfully complete a background check as required by Pennsylvania law.

How to request a child abuse history clearance and criminal record check.

  • Coaches run practices, encourage players during games and decide when to substitute players. They are in charge of communicating with their players and parents about practice and game schedules. We use the app to make communicating with parents through smartphone notifications and text messages easier. Coaches are also responsible for setting up goals, cones and corner flags when for the first games of the day, or taking down and securing equipment at the end of the day.
  • Assistant coaches share responsibilities with coaches and serve as a back up to make sure a coach is always available for practices and games.
  • Field set up and maintenance people will make sure that our home fields are lined and that goals and corner flags are set up before games.
  • Referees should be experienced soccer players at least 13 years old with a solid understanding of the rules. For students who referee, LBGC pays $10 per game. We only need referees for home games, but there may be additional opportunities to referee at end-of-season tournaments.
  • Team parents help during practice by keeping kids focused and arrange with other parents to provide game day snacks.
  • Snack bar parents work with a member of the LBGC board to operate the snack bars at Ardmore Avenue Elementary School field and Hoffman Park to raise money for the club during home games.

Frequently Asked Questions:

When and where will the games and practices be?

All practices will be at Ardmore Avenue Elementary School field on West Essex Avenue in Lansdowne or Hoffman Park on Scottdale Road in Lansdowne. Practices usually start at 6:30 and last an hour for younger kids and up to two hours for the oldest kids. All practices will be under the lights at Hoffman Park after Daylight Savings Time ends. Each age group has one night a week dedicated for practice determined by coaches’ availability.

Games for the Under 6 (ages 4-5) and Under 9 (ages 6-8) divisions are played Saturdays starting from 9 a.m. to noon at Ardmore Avenue Elementary School or the Beverly Hills Recreation Area just across Marshall Road in Upper Darby. These divisions play about half of their games against Multicultural United Soccer Club, a soccer organization in Upper Darby.

The Under 11 (ages 9-10) and Under 13 (ages 11-12) teams play matches against other clubs in the Delco Co-ed Intermural Soccer league. Games are played at various fields no more than 20 minutes drive from Lansdowne. The schedule is set in late August and will include games on weekday evenings and Saturdays.

What equipment do we need?

Soccer cleats and shin guards are essential. We also recommend purchasing a couple of pairs of black soccer socks because they help to secure shin guards and make the uniforms look, well … uniform. You can also buy a soccer ball – Under 6 (ages 4-5) and Under 9 (ages 6-8) use a Size 3 ball; Under 11 (ages 9-10) and Under 13 (ages 11-12) use a Size 4 ball. We will have coupons available in August for 15 percent off at Modell’s Sporting Goods. LBGC gets a cut of everything anyone spends using the coupon, so it’s a great way to help the club.

The uniform is provided with your registration fee and will include a jersey and soccer shorts.

How do we pay?

We prefer if you pay through PayPal with a debit or credit card when you register online, but you can also pay with cash or a check at an in-person sign up event.

Are there girls only teams?

We have co-ed teams because that’s what the national soccer organizations recommend and what our partner clubs do for these age groups.

Can my son or daughter be on his or her friend/sibling/cousin’s team?

Yes. Just let us know when you sign up by making a note on your registration form.

My friend’s son or daughter/niece or nephew decided he or she wants to play. Can they join a team after the season starts?

If there is space on a team, new players can join up to the second week of the season.

My son or daughter is an experienced player. Can he or she play with the older kids?

Players may “play up” one age division when they are in the last year of their age group. For example, a player who turns 8 this year can play in the Under 11 (ages 9 and 10) division with the approval of the coordinator. All requests to play up must be made before August 1.

How will I find out about practices and games?

We use email and a sports focused messaging app called Teamer to communicate with parents. Teamer is a free app from the Apple or Android stores and it allows coaches to share schedules, send reminders about practices and games and last-minute notifications if something changes, like when a game is rained out. Teamer also allows you to synch the teams calendar with your smartphone calendar, share photos and post messages on the team’s board. You can also access your team’s page on a computer at

  • Make sure you provide an email address that you check frequently and write clearly if you’re signing up with a paper form.
  • Please provide at least one cellphone number when you register.
  • If you don’t have a smartphone or use email, please let us know when you register.